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I want to take a moment to formally introduce the newest member of our family, Maxx. We recently adopted Maxx from the same rescue we adopted Pearl from. Why did we decide to get another dog? Honestly I’m still not sure, I somehow got talked into it. The back story is that when we went to go see Pearl back in November at her foster house we had a multitude of dogs greet us at the door. One of them was Maxx, a three year old male Malamute/Shepherd. He ended up gravitating toward Bryan because he liked a good butt scratch. When it was time to decide if we wanted to get Pearl, Bryan turned to me and asked “What about Maxx?” to which I replied “I came here for Pearl.” Since getting a dog was supposed to be my Christmas present last year Bryan let me get Pearl and she has been a pleasure to have. About three weeks ago Bryan asked me if Maxx was still up for adoption, after checking Coastal German Shepherd Rescues website I told him that Maxx was still available. That’s when Bryan told me that he was still really interested in Maxx and would love to bring him into our home. Initially I tried to talk him out of it, I know people with multiple large dogs and I know it’s a challenge but Bryan made a very good case for getting Maxx and so later that week we brought him into our home.
Pearl instantly fell in love with him although he didn’t quite feel the same way about her. Mostly he ignores her while she tries to jump on top of him. But they nonetheless make a good looking pair, I have received many compliments while out for walks with both of them. You heard that right, little five foot tall me can handle both of them at the same time. I feel like a rock star. Although I can not say Maxx does not have his issues; he has chewed our blinds, he gets really excited when he sees other dogs and can’t be trusted off the leash at a dog park. I found out after adopting him that Malamutes are a very difficult breed to train and I pretty much experience that fact every day. I have never had much patience in my life and Maxx is teaching me how to have a lot of it. This goes to show that Cesar Millan is probably right when he says “You don’t always get the dog you want but you will get the dog you need.”


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