IVHS Dog Walk 2010

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Last weekend was the 9th Annual IVHS Dog Walk which took place at Bonelli Park in San Dimas. We have participated in this event on and off for the last five years but this year was really special for us because this was the first year we were officially dog owners. As with previous years we joined Team Natasha and began fundraising very early in the year so we would again be the top fundraising team of the event. Our team ended up being quite large with over 20 walkers and of course our team leader, Natasha was also celebrating her 4th birthday at the event. Our plan was to bring both of our dogs to the event however the weeks leading up to the walk proved that Maxx and Pearl could not possibly behave together when presented with the opportunity to meet so many new dogs. Although it saddened me we decided to leave Maxx behind and only take Pearl to the Dog Walk. Without Maxx around Pearl significantly relaxed and was mostly a good dog for the entire event with the exception of when she tried to fit The Wizard’s face in her mouth, but no dog is perfect.

As with previous years our friend Sarah went all out for this event. She and the girls baked dog biscuits which they passed out at Natasha’s birthday booth, she also made cupcakes with little pictures of Natasha and the dogs on them. She also made us name tags out of yellow and red duct tape that looked like rocket ships with a stream of flames, these were to go with the theme of this year’s walk A Pooch Odyssey. Natasha ended up raising over $1400 which not only made her the top fundraising youth but got her some awesome prizes including a hydration backpack and a car sunshade which she carried with her during the entirety of the walk. Naturally we ended up winning top fundraising team with our total donations reaching nearly $3000. After we collected all of our prizes we gathered together and headed out on the walk. This year we actually did the whole 3 mile round trip, the weather was great during the walk and Pearl was a total champ. One of the best parts of the walk is getting to see all the different breeds of dogs that people have. I think Bryan and I agreed after doing the walk that we wanted a St. Bernard and a Great Pyrenees. 
We came back from the walk tired out but ready to eat some cupcakes. Even Pearl and the other dogs got to have birthday cupcakes. We all had a great time at the walk and can’t wait to start planning for next year!
Check out our photos from this years walk below:

Natasha's Team minus a few people

Natasha painting her own dog bowl

Bryan and Pearl

Ready. Set. Walk!

Natasha's Team

Pearl met another White Shepherd named Rose

Mark took this photo of Bryan, Pearl and I.

Aisha, The Wizard and Super Tramp

Puppies should no be allowed to be this cute

Yes, someone actually did this to their dog

Birthday cupcakes

Party favors made by Sarah

Pearl enjoying her cupcake

Yet another group shot, it was the end of the day and we could not coordinate anymore. This was shot by the IVHS photographer with our Mark II.

Bryan edited a video he shot with the Mark II of us setting up for a group shot. It was the first video he did in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Check it out.


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