Chino Hills State Park

April 8, 2008

This weekend Jamie and I had the opportunity to take some photographs. We decided to go all out here. We took three cameras and used all three of them. Jamie and I took our film cameras with b&w film loaded and we took our Canon Digital Rebel XT as well. In this post I’ll show you two of my favorite shots from the XT. I concentrated on landscapes of the beautiful hills and portraits of Jamie. We also got a few portraits of both of us using the remote.
Chino Hills State Park Landscape
The grass was really overgrown in the park. There were wildflowers everywhere.  Some of the wildflowers were taller than Jamie. The only thing that went against us was the color of the sky which was somewhat overcast. The open shade makes for easy photography but it also doesn’t make for as dramatic landscapes.
Jamie in Wildflowers
Jamie, of course, being the model that she is gave me a lot of shots to work with. I like this one the most, it really pops out at me because of the contrast, the focus and the pattern of the flowers.