Coyote 5K/10K Race 6-12-2011

June 11, 2011


You can also see your results on Dirt Devil’s website.

 Thanks for participating. We will see you at the Sidewinder 5K/10K in July!

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Malibu Vacation

June 3, 2011

The traffic was dreadful. Barely moving we sat on the freeway stuck in the midst of Memorial Day beach goers. The parking lots off PCH were beyond full and cars filled every empty space along the road. Finally after two and a half hours we reached our destination; the Malibu Motel. It was a little bit ghetto and a little bit retro but it was a perfect place to get away from it all. On the first floor we didn’t get the more spectacular ocean view that our neighbors got on the upper floors but our dogs didn’t seem to mind. They finally got to vacation with us and they were enjoying every moment. Behind our hotel a rocky path led up the side of the hilly terrain that is a staple of PCH. At the top was the real view; something even the upper floors didn’t get. The air was salty, the sky was blue, the dogs were happy and life was perfect.

Maxx loved the king bed

Our spot above the hotel

The view from the path above our hotel

Even better in the next parking lot over was a grocery store (everything happened to be organic and whole grain at this particular establishment) and a delicious pizza place so we ate well too. After getting a mostly full nights sleep we ate breakfast looking out at the sea. Maxx however did wake us up a few times because he was hogging the bed. After, we loaded the dogs up in the car and headed north to Leo Carrillo State Beach which is about 16 miles away. Past lifeguard tower 3 the beach is open to dogs as long as they are on leash. On this sunny Tuesday we had this stretch of beach almost all to ourselves. It was pretty windy but the dogs didn’t seem to mind as we ran them down the coast. The air was salty, the ocean was blue, the dogs were sandy and life was perfect.

Getting Pearl used to the water

Pelican flying low over the shore

This was the best one out of 20 self timed shots

Doggy footprints in the sand

We decided the rest of the day would be for relaxation. The dogs didn’t seem to mind that either since they thoroughly enjoyed having a large king bed to sleep on. After checking out the next morning we again headed north to Solstice Canyon. I found this particular trail on as it is recommended as a great dog friendly hike and it certainly was. The trail is mostly paved, very well maintained, has beautiful scenery and is pretty easy. The dogs loved being out in nature and needed the exercise as much as we did. Maxx pulled Bryan up almost every hill while Pearl let me lead the way. We chose to turn around at the site of the burned down Roberts house. By the time we got back to the car we knew we were all ready to head for home. It was a great end to the last couple of days. The air was cool, the traffic was light, the dogs were fast asleep and life was perfect.

Solstice Canyon Trail

Roberts house ruins

View from the canyon

IVHS Dog Walk 2011

June 2, 2011

A couple of weeks ago Bryan and I, along with our dog Maxx participated in the 10th Annual IVHS Dog Walk. Once again we joined Team Natasha who were the biggest fundraisers of the event. Our team, led by my friend Sarah’s daughter Natasha, has been growing larger every year and this year was no exception. We were lucky to have our friends Chris and Lori, along with their labs Celeste and Angelina, fund raise and walk with us as well as some of their family and friends. We brought Pearl to last year’s walk so we decided to let Maxx join us this time around. He is normally snappy around other dogs but he did fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed himself. He also enjoyed his breakfast sausage and birthday cupcake. Even though our team was bigger than last year the number of people attending the event has grown smaller. This is unfortunate since this is a great cause and a really fun event for dog owners and their families. So next year be sure to check out this awesome dog walk!

Chris with Angelina and Bryan with Maxx

Team Natasha

Lori with Celeste

Mark and Isabella with The Wizard and Aisha

Maxx eating a birthday cupcake