Dirt Devil 5K 1-31-2010

January 31, 2010


You can check out your race photos here in our new Zenfolio Gallery.

To find your pictures you can click on the SEARCH link and type in either your name or bib number (ex: Bib 156). Then click the PHOTOS tab to see all your photos in the Dirt Devil 5K gallery.

If you can’t find your photos under your name or bib number please use the search term UNKNOWN BIB  as there is a possibilty your bib was not clearly visible.

To purchase photos just mouse over your photo and click on ADD TO CART in the  top left corner and choose what size you would like your print. You also have the option to crop your photo, frame it or get it mounted on foam core.

Thanks for participating in the race and thanks for shopping at Shez Photo!

New Feature: Digital Scrapbooking

January 25, 2010

For those who are unaware I would like to take a moment to talk about my latest business venture. I am offering my time and creative genius to create a personalized digital scrapbook for you. I’m sure you might have a couple of questions for me so I will attempt to read your mind and answer those questions below.
What is digital scrapbooking?
Scrapbooking is the process of taking photos and putting them into a book along with memorabilia and journaling. Traditional scrapbooking usually requires lots and lots of time to do this because there are lots of embellishments, paper, photos, etc that have to be physically glued down to the pages. Digital scrapbooking streamlines this process by using digital photos and digital embellishments and putting them in scrapbooking software to create a photo book. Plus because there are no bulky papers, embellishments and photos to be glued onto the pages the book can be incredibly thin and easy to carry around.
Why would I want a digital scrapbook?
With the sheer volume of digital cameras being used these days we can assume everyone is taking a lot of pictures. But what is being done with all these photos? Are they being printed and framed? Put into a cheap photo album that was purchased at Walgreens? Are they still sitting on your computer, or even worse, are they still on your camera? Why even take photos? Think about having these photos displayed beautifully in a photo book on your coffee table so that when people visit you they can pick up your scrapbook and see these images and read the stories behind them.
Why is scrapbooking so important?
Three words: Preserving Your Memories. Let’s face it, we will one day forget what our lives were like today. Your kids may not remember the things you all did together as a family when they were very young. You may not remember the time you ran your first 5K or your parents’ 50th anniversary party. When you have a scrapbook with the photos of these special moments along with your own words retelling the stories behind each image you will always be able to look back and be reminded of all those memories.
What are the prices of your books and what sizes are available?
I have created this PDF that shows how I price my books and what sizes I offer. Click here to see it.
How do I get started?
Send me the photos you would like to have in your book. You can do this by mailing them or even delivering them to me if you live close by. If you would like journaling in your book, put together a Word document of your story and I will put it in your book for you. Once I have finished creating your book I will email you a PDF proof so you can approve the final book. Once you have approved your book I will ship it directly to your door step.
If you are interested in getting a digital scrapbook and would like to see examples of my work and pricing information please visit my Digital Scrapbooking page.