Great Park Pumpkin Harvest

October 26, 2010

This past weekend Bryan and I, along with his mom and siblings, went to the Great Park Pumpkin Harvest which took place at, where else, the Great Park at Irvine. The event included lots of fun things such as a hay maze, wagon rides, a pumpkin patch and pumpkin decorating. Although this event was fun it is heavily geared toward children. I stupidly thought that the phrases “Pumpkin Harvest” and “pumpkin patch” meant there would be an abundance of pumpkins to choose from so I brought my trusty wagon. Unfortunately they only gave one pumpkin to each child who was under 12 years old. Luckily we had my husband’s younger sister there or we would have come home with nothing! Despite this unfortunate pumpkin incident we had a pretty good time, we got to ride in a horse drawn wagon and go trick or treating. Well sort of, we did walk around and get candy from a bunch of different vendors which is pretty cool too. I don’t know if I would go to this event again but I would definitely recommend it to people with kids (under 12 obviously), if you want to go to real pumpkin patch I would go to Cal Poly’s annual Pumpkin Festival.

Fun Events For Dog Owners

October 18, 2010

We have had our dogs for a few months now and one of my favorite things to do is bring them to dog friendly events. I am practically obsessed with finding fun stuff to do with the dogs. One of my favorite websites is OC Dog Friendly. I am not really a fan of dog parks but I love dog walking events. Earlier this year we did one of my favorite dog walking events with our dog Pearl appropriately called the IVHS Dog Walk. The great thing about that event is it requires some exercise for you and your dog. I am a big fan of 5K’s and I really wish there were more 5K events that allow dogs. We participated in one back in July called Paws For Cause which took place in Fountain Valley at Mile Square Park. We brought our dog Maxx along to this event. Maxx is a bit dog aggressive but this was the perfect opportunity to allow him to be around other dogs in a controlled environment. Maxx did fantastic and loved running alongside Bryan and I for a few miles.

Photo by Jason Hong (

Another great event I attended recently was the Surf City Surf Dog which took place at Huntington Beach. My friend Claudia and I, along with our dogs Pearl and Gizmo, participated in the Woofin’ Walk which was a 2 mile walk along the paved bike path. This event had less participants than the Paws For Cause 5K but it was also for a good cause. Five dollars of your registration fee goes to one of the five charities that sponsors the event, including Coastal German Shepherd Rescue who I adopted my dogs from. I suggested to one of the event organizers that they should turn the Woofin’ Walk into a 5K. Hopefully they will do that next year. The great thing about this event is that it takes place at Huntington’s famous dog beach which I had never been to before. We had a lot of fun hanging out by the water watching the dogs surfing and the dogs loved it too. All of these events are great for dog owners and I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to get out and have fun with their fur buddy.
Photo by Claudia Garcia

Dirt Devil Half Marathon 10-10-10

October 10, 2010